CHRONORS - an umbrella 3D animated project
CHRONORS is an umbrella project, an eco-system of products that includes a series of feature films animation films, web-aplications, TV series, integrated webisodes, video-games, graphic novels, soft branding and numerous other spin-off products.
Target group: 12-35+

CHRONORS is a group of youngsters that live outside society. They live in VIRTUS, a futuristic city. They have lost their parents and they survive due to their resourcefulness, their minds and souls. They solve mysteries going back in time, 'stealing knowledge' for the sake of the good...
CHRONORS is a state of mind that young people will associate with, it is a virtual city where they will want to live in...

Somewhere in the distant future the ices have melt. Water has flooded most of the planet. The city is surrounded by water. A team of 3 children (9-15 years old) have escaped from orphanage and use as a shelter the basements of a big museum. The museum has a special device that can 'scan' each item's life. The 3 children manage to 'hack' the scanner and travel back to the 'lives' of the exhibits. They meet a young girl in Cambridge of 1680, and they become involved in a search of a drawing of Kepler's machine that can create energy. They travel to Hellenistic Alexandria 300 BC, to the palace of Rudolf II (Holly Roman Emperor) in Prague 1600, to London Tower 1300 and discover alchemical secrets through a series of adventures. Scientists like Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Fermat, Tadeas Hajek, Ramon Llull, and other historical personalities are mixed in a story of action, mystery, information, in a search that 'bonds' the children together making them a real family, like they never had.
Messages with regard to the wastefulness of energy resources of the planet as well as the balanced existence human kind and the environment, dominate the film.

Max (9 years old) has a talent in hacking programs.
Phoebe (16 years old) is the voice of logic, and has a wide knowledge. (Max's sister)
Alex (15 years old) a genuine tramp, he knows how to survive in the streets. He is the oldest, and protects them. Bold but also a dreamer...
Rosie (14 years old) a friend from the past, that enters their lives and future adventures...

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