100 years after Thessaloniki's release from Ottomans, Greece's National TV station of the North ET3 commissioned N-CODE to create a series of 7 minute episodes.
From the war for the city's release to the 1st W.W., the 2nd, the Balkan Wars, but also the life of the city, its people, to distinct historical events, as well as ordinary events, from football to art, from music to politics... selected topics are discussed between journalist Vasilis Kehagias and writer Panos Theodorides and guest speakers.

For the series 'Ekatografia' N-CODE produced 100 episodes regarding important moments as well as 20 episodes regarding important figures of the last 100 years in Thesaloniki.

Directed by Dimitris Mourtzopoulos
Script-Research: Panos Theodorides, Vassilis Kehagias, Nikos Iliades
Original Music by Jannos Eolou
Produced by N-CODE for ET3

'Ekatografia' was broadcasted by ET3 (Hellenic National TV of the North) in 2012-2013

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