Jannos Eolou is a film composer, a producer, a writer, a sound engineer an artist with a science background. He studied in the U.K. and the U.S. Mechanical Engineering, as well as Music.
Jannos Eolou has composed music for the cinema, the theatre, contemporary dance companies, the concert hall and for album songs. He has been active in film developing & producing.
He has worked as a recording producer, as a session conductor as well as a sound engineer, designer, mixer.
His works have been distributed, performed, enjoyed in more than 30 countries, and he has sold many tens of thousands of CDs.
He has founded the production companies Maladie d' Amour/Theatre of Arts, Maladie d' Amour/Music Works as well as N-CODE & ICON4D.
He has been collaborating with Dimitrios Mourtzopoulos for many years and together they have formed the creative force behind ICON4D.

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