N-CODE LLC. was established in 2005 by Jannos Eolou, and the companies ICON PLUS & N-ORASIS for the production of feature films, TV program, documentaries, TVC, utilizing cutting edge audiovisual technology, as well as for sound design, dubbing, surround film sound mixing, and production of music for audiovisual purposes. Today, N-CODE is led by Jannos Eolou and Dimitris Mourtzopoulos, who bring their long experience in most audiovisual areas, spanning from production, directing, post production of image and sound, to the outmost technical areas like video to film transfer, special effects, image compositing, color correction, animation, and even cutting edge stereoscopy shooting and post production.

N-CODE today specialises in the production of 3D/stereoscopic movies combining 3D Computer Animation live 3D shooting with several double-camera systems.
N-CODE owns also all necessary technical equipment for live shootings (cameras, lights, sound recorders), as well as post production suites and special effects capabilities.

Dimitris Mourtzopoulos graduated in 1982 as an Electrical Engineer. He has been working as a director in film and video (received several awards for his short films and videos). In 1989, in Thessaloniki he forms the company 'ICON Computer Images and Animation Cine & TV productions'. This was one of the first animation companies in Greece, at a time when CGI was just in its first steps worldwide.
In 1999 the company is reformed, and now called ICON PLUS. ICON PLUS becomes a specialized cutting edge post production facility and starts and designs, develops and implements its own proprietary system for transferring digital or analogue video footage into 35mm film . ICON PLUS also enters film scanning and restoration up to 4K (16 / 35mm film). The company does post production for numerous film productions from Greece but also from the Balkans and Middle East. Since 2006 ICON PLUS and Jannos Eolou specialize in stereoscopy (3D film production, shooting, and post production). Dimitris Mourtzopoulos was the main director, DoP and producer of the vast majority of ICON PLUS productions along with the TVC (more than 1000) as well as documentaries, TV programs and special audiovisual productions.

Jannos Eolou is a film music composer, a producer, a sound expert, a writer, an artist that works with sound and images with a strong technological background.
He studied in the UK and the US, Mechanical Engineering and above all Music. Through his companies 'Maladie d' Amour Theatre of Arts' and N-CODE he has been active in developing and producing music theatre, multimedia spectacles as well as film productions. Jannos Eolou has also worked as a sound designer, sound engineer and he has composed film music for several European productions. He has worked with celebrated film directors like Fatih Akin and Klaas Bense and he is a competent orchestrator for symphonic orchestras, as well as a conductor. You can find more about Jannos Eolou at

ICON PLUS has produced audiovisual work for numerous private companies as well as public bodies. Some of the most important are: The Hellenic Film Center, National Greek TV, Greek Petroleum, Hellenic Steel, Alpha TV Channel, National Theatre of Northern Greece, MEDIA LINE Advertising, TOP MAGE, POINT ZERO, OMNIA, ΝΕΟ COMMUNICATIONS, NEW COMMUNICATIONS, TRIA, ADWIN, HYATT REGENCY CASINO, several Greek Ministries, Museums and many others.

The latest film by Dimitris Mourtzopoulos and Jannos Eolou is the 3D stereoscopic animated film SKIES TO ETERNITY, on the history of aviation. The film is distributed through a network of 6 distributors worldwide and it is already installed at the new RAF museum in London.

N-CODE has acquired all the distribution rights of the stereoscopic film
‘Skies to Eternity’.

In the year 2012-2013 N-CODE has produced the TV series
'Ekatografia' for ERT3 (Hellenic National TV of the North).